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This Mind Map is a summary of the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.


Present moment awareness; living in the now, is very simple to understand. To experience this moment with greater aliveness, try an easy experiment. Pick up or look at an object (perhaps even look at your hand) and view it without any thought whatsoever - no labelling, judging, analysing; no restless need for something more exciting - simply look, feel, sense, touch. You will probably detect a quietness inside you, a stillness, an alert presence - just pure being without expectation. The mind may try to investigate the moment - see if you can observe the object and at the same time effortlessly allow space around any thought that arises - that is to say, don't feel compelled to follow your thought instead of paying alert attention to the object in front of you.


If this makes you feel more peaceful, restful, relaxed, brings a sense of inner calm; if this resonates with you at all, I recommend reading "The Power of Now"

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